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´╗┐Games for Creativity


Everyone has a capability to be creative. However, oftentimes, it is hidden within your personality and you have to pry open certain body organs to get your creativity out in the open.

Your brain contains that creativity but you have to exercise your brain cells first before you can get your brain on the go. This is where the games for creativity step in.

The goal of these games and exercises is to show how crazy or how impossible problems may be talked about and solved, with the use of evaluations and different analyses that are not usually thought of in a traditional problem-solving situation.

They are not present to rate the most intelligent or the brightest person, but they are there to give you suggestions about ways in recognizing the things that make you inefficient or limit you to your conventional thinking.

The first game is, in some ways, a game that was developed by Andersen Consulting, otherwise called as Accenture. Accenture will be much of help to you in understanding your style of thinking a lot better. The questions involved in this game quiz are not at all difficult, but you still have to think for a while before you blurt out your answer.

"How do you put a giraffe in the fridge?" Well, the answer is very easy you do not have to call a friend for this one. It is simple. You open the fridge first, put the giraffe inside, and then close the fridge. This question tries to determine if you have a tendency to complicate simple things.

The next question strictly follows the first one. "How do you put an elephant in the fridge?" You would probably open the fridge, put the elephant inside then shut the fridge close. On the contrary, that is not how this question is to be answered. Yes, opening the fridge does come first, but you have to remove the giraffe first, replace it with the elephant, and that is when you close the fridge. Your ability to consider implications was put under the spotlight.

These games make you creative because you tend to dig deeper in your brain to come out with the best, and most logical, answer. Brace yourself, for more questions are to come.

The king of the jungle assembled a moot for the animals. Every animal from the jungle was there, except for one. Now which one was that? It was the elephant. Why so? Have you forgotten that you left the elephant in the fridge? This question will check your memory, or how effective it can be.

Now imagine yourself having to cross a river. You, again, face another dilemma, for the river is infested with crocodiles, and these crocodiles are far from being vegetarians. What are you going to do now? Actually, you can swim across the river for as long as you like, well at least, before the moot is over because all the crocodiles are busy enjoying at the moot. This question tries to see if you learn quickly form the mistakes you have committed.

These game quizzes checked if there are certain areas in your brain that are not productive, thus, will hinder you from being creative. Their main goal is to make you think, given the estimation of how absolutely weird or absurd some problems can get. Solve these games for creativity correctly and you are bound to be one heck of a creative person.

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